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16. April 2015

The Festa della Luna – What it is all about

A very important contribution is the event „La Festa della luna“ which was first initiated by „LaSerratura“ in August 2004. Shortly afterwards this turned out to be a very special kind of cultural festival.

The foundation of this still existing and working concept is the joint development and realization of the different events by tha participating artists and numerous volunteers. Our association annually invites curious participants over to our estate for a three days long stay so that we can conceive and realise this festival together. Having professional artistic conversations and a fertile communication is the essence of what this planning progress is about.

This festival always drew a large regional and nationwide audience. What made this event so appealing was probably the unconventional event location as well as the wide range within the high quality program with contributions from all kinds of branches of the performing arts. Also the different regional artists but especially those from other parts of Europe and even of the world drew attention. Just as the interest and awareness for this festival grew among artists and spectators did the specific numbers representing them.

As time went by and our experiences with the organisation of concerts, theatrical performances, workshops etc. grew, the idea was born to create a joint international space where art could be experienced on a border crossing way: creating something musical, theatrical or simply artistic, no matter what branch of performing art would fit, even if it went new ways and beyond institutionalized concepts.

Because the concept of sharing artistic ideas and exchanging creative vibes has worked so well, we decided in 2009 to create the ‘STatIOne EstIvA’ a series of cultural events, conceived to promote inter-cultural exchange, tear down barriers between social groups and to address contemporary issues through art.

16. September 2012

The Festa della Luna 2012 – Program

Festa_d_L_2012_volant_02-02 Festa_d_L_2012_volant_02-01