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Wednesday, 21st August

For the edition of 2013’s Festa della Luna ‘La Serratura’ and Diesis Teatrango have chosen the wonderful Abbey of Badia a Ruoti as locality that gives the special flair we always strive to create for the full-moon-festival.


from  20.00 pm

ARHIA pop rock toscano

The Tuscan Rock-Band won several Music Competitions. With Stefano Lazzerini at the Microphone, Alessandro Curto at the guitar,  Fabio Sottani, playing the bass, Riccardo Frontani, in charge of all keyboard instruments and at the drums Samuele Boschi.

BIANCANEVE – spettacolo per bambini e grandi (20:30)

It is a continuous game between Good and Evil, happiness and sorrow : Banal emotions, whose heaviness is made light by the essene of the naive within pantomime acting, where not the time code of the anecdote counts, but the absurde, invisible time of the dream.

Regia: Bianca Francioni
Con: Bianca Francioni
Pupazzi: Manidoro


BLUE MOON – teatro (22:00)

A poetic  play that consists of little actions and tiny absurdities and that scetches the every day life of a man that has fallen in love… with the moon. The real world and a fantastic miniature cosmos meet to create a scenario set in the style of the 60’s.

Eine kleine Geschichte ohen Worte mit und von: Roberto di Lernia (rufinoclown)



A Co-Produkcion by Khorakhanè Danza – Teatro Wassermann – Kalsa Danza

idea coreografia: Giovanni Cilluffo
regia: Luciano Firi
consulenza messa in scena: Valentina Paronetto

danzatore: Giovanni Cilluffo
attore: Simone Carnielli


The Officine Scaniconiare the attempt to take lyrics and language of the rich treasure of original Italien singer song writing by interpreting original works, always with the slightly revolutionary atitude that these songs can be a contemplative view on our presence  and not only a background music for commercials.
The Officine Scaniconi are:
Guitar & Voice: Tommaso Geri
Clarinet & Tenore Sax: Enrico Chiarini
Contrabbass: Emiliano degli Innocenti
Drums & Vibraphone: Gabriele Stoppa


VISIONI – Massagio di Sonoro

A circle of resonance between Sound and Massage with Mauro Francini and Serena Vanni, will take your perception of your own hearing and feeling senses to another level.



From and with Piero Cherici – Diesis Teatrango



In the wonderful structure of the abbey hot and cold meals as well as beverages will be served throughout the whole evening.


Entrance € 6,00
reduced Entrance € 4,00
La Serratura: tel. +39 (0)575894589 – mobile: +39 3403132279
posta@laserratura. com – www.laserratura.com
Diesis Teatrango: tel. +39 055982248 – mobile: +39 3383662475
info@diesisteatrango.it – www.diesistetrango.it

In case of bad weather the fetival will be hold indoors.

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